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Seller asking: $10,124.47 (55% of UPB)
Pricing may vary over time and is subject to Seller Approval

General Note Information
Product ID
Lien Position
1st Mortgage/Deed of Trust
Note Status
Non Performing
Note Type
# of Payments Last 12 Months
Paid To
Loan Maturity
Property Type
Single Family Res
Original Balance
Principal Balance
Est. Market Value
Payment Amount
Note Rate
Sold Rate
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Detailed Note Information
  • Note Terms
  • Note Dates
  • ARM
Lien Position: 1st Mortgage/Deed of Trust Amortization Type: Other Loan Type: Conventional
Original Balance: $28,449.71 Current Balance: $18,408.13 PI: $0.00
Total Payment: $198.90 Note Rate: 3.375% Sold Rate: 3.375%
Total in Trust: 0 Unpaid Interest: $0.00
Late Charges is:
$0.00 after 0 days
Unpaid Charges: $0.00 Prepayment Penalty: No Rate Type: ARM
Balloon Payment: No Loan Terms Modified: No Registered w/MERS: No
On Forbearance Plan: No In Foreclosure: No In Bankruptcy: No

Seller Comments:
There are several exit strategies on this asset. The borrower was paying on the original terms on the loan and has never had a modification. The borrower previously could not reinstate the loan but had the ability and wanted to continue to make payments on the loan. Unfortunately, the previous servicer required the borrower to have a large down payment on any modification but the borrower had no funds to put down. You can buy this loan, stick any arrears on the back of the loan and allow the borrower to re-perform meanwhile making a 20%+ return. The demand letter expires on 11/10/2017. You can push forward with the foreclosure and foreclose for an estimated $3,500 putting you into this asset for less than $15k. The property should sell for around $18k at foreclosure auction giving you a 20%+ return. The rental rate in the area for similar homes are renting for over $500 a month, with a basic rental rehab of $12,500, you could have a 20%+ return on a rental. Model below. If you wanted to flip this house, with an estimated $15k rehab, similar properties are selling for $40k giving you a 25%+ return.
Origination Date: 07/23/2003
First Payment Date: - - -
Paid to Date: 02/23/2016
Next Due Date: 03/23/2016
Maturity Date: 07/01/2034
Last Payment Received: - - -
Note Payment Amount: $0.00
Tax Portion: $0.00
Insurance Portion: $0.00
Trust Balance: $0.00
1st Trust

Lien Position: 1st Trust Deed/Mortgage Principal Balance: $ 0.00
Monthly Payment: $ 0.00 Modified: Unknown
Current: Unknown Information as of: - - -

2nd Trust

Lien Position: 2nd Trust Deed/Mortgage Principal Balance: $ 0.00
Monthly Payment: $ 0.00 Modified: Unknown
Current: Unknown Information as of: - - -
BK Discharge Date: - - -
BK Chapter: None
BK Dismissal Date: - - -
BK Filing Date: - - -
Date Opened: 01/26/2017
Schedule Sale Date: - - -
Draw Period Start Date: - - -
Repayment Period Start Date: - - -
Current Index Name:
Margin: - - - %
Ceiling: - - - %
Floor: - - - %
Next Adjustment:
Adjustment Frequency: 0   Months


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