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Seller asking: $25,354.34 (75% of UPB)
Pricing may vary over time and is subject to Seller Approval

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1st Mortgage/Deed of Trust
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Single Family Res
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Detailed Note Information
  • Note Terms
  • Note Dates
Lien Position: 1st Mortgage/Deed of Trust Amortization Type: Fully Amortized Loan Type: Conventional
Original Balance: $35,000.00 Current Balance: $33,805.79 PI: $0.00
Total Payment: $209.84 Note Rate: 6.000% Sold Rate: 6.000%
Total in Trust: 0 Unpaid Interest: $0.00
Late Charges is:
5.00% after 15 days
Unpaid Charges: $0.00 Prepayment Penalty: No Rate Type: Fixed Rate
Balloon Payment: No Loan Terms Modified: Yes Registered w/MERS: No
On Forbearance Plan: No In Foreclosure: No In Bankruptcy: No

Seller Comments:
This performing first lien is on an owner occupied SFR. The note was previously underwater and nearly in foreclosure by previous lien holder. A loan modification has brought the note performing and seasoned for over two years. Modifications included: principal balance, maturity date, and interest rate. The file includes full title chain documents and wet ink originals of all current documents.The previous mortgage company had told the borrower that they 'wrote off' the loan, which the borrower thought was a 'release of lien'. An O&E report that was pulled before purchase indicated that nothing of the sort was ever filed. The borrower was not able to produce their copy. After the borrower sought help from a consumer agency, the investigation resulted in the lender's favor that the mortgage was fully valid. The borrower has been & probably will continue to be very cooperative. He has made every payment since the loan modification was signed.This mortgage is currently being serviced by Note Servicing Center. All you have to do is create an account with them and they will move the payments to you. Easy.
Origination Date: 08/16/2002
First Payment Date: - - -
Paid to Date: 09/25/2018
Next Due Date: 10/01/2018
Maturity Date: 06/01/2044
Last Payment Received: - - -
Note Payment Amount: $0.00
Tax Portion: $0.00
Insurance Portion: $0.00
Trust Balance: $0.00
1st Trust

Lien Position: 1st Trust Deed/Mortgage Principal Balance: $ 0.00
Monthly Payment: $ 0.00 Modified: Unknown
Current: Unknown Information as of: - - -

2nd Trust

Lien Position: 2nd Trust Deed/Mortgage Principal Balance: $ 0.00
Monthly Payment: $ 0.00 Modified: Unknown
Current: Unknown Information as of: - - -
BK Discharge Date: - - -
BK Chapter: None
BK Dismissal Date: - - -
BK Filing Date: - - -
Date Opened: - - -
Schedule Sale Date: - - -
Draw Period Start Date: - - -
Repayment Period Start Date: - - -
Current Index Name:
Margin: - - - %
Ceiling: - - - %
Floor: - - - %
Next Adjustment:
Adjustment Frequency: 0   Months


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