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(Broker Price Opinion)

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A Broker Price Opinion is a report on a specific property by a local real estate agent. It typically shows Comparable Sales, Comparable Listings, neighborhood data, estimated repairs, an opinion of value "As Is" and "Repaired", and photos of the subject property and area. It will be a "drive by inspection" without access to the interior.

(Ownership and Encumbrance Report)

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Also known as a Property Report. This is an information only title search (not insured) for the recorded owner and liens on the subject property. It typically shows the last recorded owner, asset valuations, taxes and if current, recorded liens, and recorded judgments.

Due Diligence Report

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Starting at $150.00

Due Diligence Report Package includes, Review of the Loan life to ensure that the note, assignments, Allonges, title insurance and current property insurance are present. As well as delivery of MERS report, PACER search results and state and Federal court record search results.

Preparation and Recording

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Package includes, preparation and recording of assignment.

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