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FCI Lender Services is a leading national Private Money Services provider and is a separate sister company to FCI EXCHANGE.

Founded in 1982, FCI Lender Services has built a reputation for servicing varied Private Money loans and resolving every type of delinquent secured loan.

FCI Lender Services offers:
  • Standard Loan Servicing
  • Speciality Loan Servicing
  • Facilitate Loan Modifications
  • Mortgage Fund Servicing
  • Foreclosure Services

Unique in the servicing industry is the FCI Lender Services propietary technology that tracks and shows clients all activity related to their loans as it happens. This includes tracking money as it comes in from the borrower, clears and is disbursed, viewing collection notes as they happen, and seeing every step of the foreclosure process in every state as it takes place.

Diamond Program: The Diamond Program is an industry first. Newly Originated Notes, Performing or Non Performing Notes are put into loan servicing with FCI Lender Services (just a $45 set up fee). As part of the loan servicing set up process, FCI Lender Services will "scrub" the notes by going through each document to help create a compliant and complete loan package for sale. There is a live data feed between FCI Lender Services and FCI EXCHANGE that will allow qualified Buyers to view live account activity, loan history and related documents. Buyers will see the most up to date information ever offered on Notes For Sale, and be more confident making acceptable offers.

Visit www.trustfci.com for more information and pricing on the many services offered.

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