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Pool Information

Number of Loans: 11 Total Principal Balance: $903,870.79
State: NATIONAL Lien Position: 1st
Avg. Note Rate :8.916 % Type :Conventional
Status: Mixed
Seller Comments

Seller asking: $184,931.96 (20.46% of UPB)

Notes in this Pool
Results: Viewing items 1-11 of 11.
IDDiamondCityStateLien PositionCurrent BalanceNote RateTypeStatus
0040781CHICAGOIL1st$ 66,877.087.000 %ConventionalNon Performing
0040783TOLEDOOH1st$ 12,692.9311.800 %ConventionalNon Performing
0040784BATON ROUGELA1st$ 72,534.7510.500 %ConventionalNon Performing
0040785CHICAGOIL1st$ 103,656.227.990 %ConventionalNon Performing
0040787CLEVELANDOH1st$ 41,692.629.950 %ConventionalNon Performing
0040788CALUMET CITYIL1st$ 46,186.0010.000 %ConventionalNon Performing
0040789YOUNGSTOWNOH1st$ 30,943.848.500 %ConventionalNon Performing
0040791ATLANTAGA1st$ 67,117.356.850 %ConventionalNon Performing
0040820chicagoIL1st$ 83,120.007.750 %ConventionalNon Performing
0040821chicagoIL1st$ 257,550.007.750 %ConventionalNon Performing
0040822chicagoIL1st$ 121,500.009.990 %ConventionalNon Performing

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