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Indicative Offer and Transaction Summary:
  • Indicative Offers can only be sent to Seller after Proof of Funds has been approved.
  • Offer amounts, even at the Buy Now Price, are nonbinding until a Purchase and Sale Agreement has been signed.
  • Following acceptance of an Indicative Offer by the Seller, Buyer is given a Due Diligence Period, and still has the right to respond to any other Offer.
  • Following Due Diligence and Final Offer acceptance, the transaction will be a binding obligation when the Purchase and Sale Agreement has been executed by both parties.
  • Buyer and Seller have the right to cancel the transaction at any time prior to the execution of the Purchase and Sale Agreement by both parties.

FCI Exchange is not an agent or representative for either party in connection with any transaction on this site and cannot enforce any obligations the parties they may have in performing, cooperating, or otherwise with the other party in the transactions contemplated on this site.

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    Acceptable Proof of Funds is a copy of your current financial institution statement, or a Letter of Credit from a financial institution showing funds available.
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    Please remember that Personal Information is protected by FCI EXCHANGE and is not permitted in the Comment or Questions section. The site automatically removes any names, phone numbers, email addresses,etc from this comment section and doing so could result in your offer being cancelled.
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